My Story

Like many, my career has been a journey.   I have never left the road I started out on 26 years ago yet I have navigated my way, clarifying at each fork in the road.

After I received my Masters Degree in Applied Psychology, 16 years were spent in Corporate America, working for several Fortune 100 companies including, Duke Energy, Arthur Andersen, , First Union/Wachovia, Bank of America.  Working in the areas of organizational, team and leader development was very satisfying.  I gained certifications in the areas of Coaching, Diversity, Change Management, and Cultural Awareness.  Each of these certifications evolved who I am and what I believe.

Ten years ago I left to form my own company where I would seek to continue to enhance performance at organizational, team, and individual levels.  At the same time, my spiritual life grew and I saw the importance of balance to become the whole person I was meant to be.  Five years ago I added the certification of Spiritual Director to further my ability to coach to the whole of a person.

As a Life Coach, I am able to follow my passion to help others tap into their innate character and abilities so they can lead a life and career that is congruent and authentic.  My unique skills of enhancing people's leadership styles and unearthing the spiritual aspects of their lives allows clients to be more effective as they embrace their whole selves.