My Story

I was a woman wrapped in the image of having it all together with a successful career, beautiful daughter, and happy marriage.  Then a sudden panic attack became my wake-up call that my life was not "perfect."

Years of peeling back the painful layers revealed what I had suppressed for decades... that I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.  More years were spent understanding and accepting the impact this abuse had on my life choices and my beliefs about myself.

This awareness was not the end of my journey.  I needed to find my voice, decisively name my truth and create a vision around how I could help others who have experienced the pain and shame of sexual abuse.

My calling is to inspire people to move beyond the initial awareness and therapy to a new level of wholeness that comes with claiming their Going-Forward Story and reveling in their unique gifts, abilities and power to live a wholehearted, meaningful life.

How I can Help You Go Forward (contact me below)

Individual Guidance

  • I guide people to look at their core beliefs and toxic voices, identify how they are limiting themselves, shed their old shell and  claim their new, Going-Forward Story.

Voices from Past Participants - 

As Speaker

"Tambry's powerful talk around #metoo enabled women to share the feelings associated with sexual abuse and questions they have.  As she opened herself up to let others look inside, her story and visuals allowed others to see themselves in her and want the strength to do the healing work themselves.  I am thankful she is wiling to share herself and believe that this conversation will help so many survivors feel empowered to become thrivers."  KL

"As I listened to Tambry, I was struck by how much her story was my story.  She has an impactful way of sharing with her heart.  She was born to do this work."  ST

"It is out of our own woundedness - when it has been acknowledged and our healing work done - that we can walk with others who have been wounded as well.  Tambry is a compassionate and experienced guide for leading you through your process of healing.  It is my hope that survivors will seize the opportunity to hear Tambry speak and engage her to help them to claim a full, life-giving story."  NMC

Retreats (In person and Virtual)

  • I create a safe, sacred space for a small group to Awaken their Going-Forward Story through reflection, journaling and story boarding

Speaking Engagements

  • I speak to groups and facilitate dialogue around how to help Survivors become Thrivers.  Together we can build awareness and support and change the culture around sexual abuse.

As Retreat Leader

"The retreat offered me the space that I don't always have the luxury of on a daily basis to process an experience that has had a profound impact on my life.  I am grateful for the opportunity to reclaim my story and connect with other survivors."  MC

"Being able to step outside my story and see it objectively was tremendous.  The insight about how to bring some change, peace, vision and practical application to my life offers me the opportunity for less stress, improved communication with others and clarity to move forward.  Thank you Tambry for sharing your wisdom and your heart."  TD

"It has been extremely important in my life to work through the feelings and effects of the trauma I experienced.  This retreat allowed me the opportunity to begin to move forward into the next chapter of my life.  Letting go and moving on does not negate what happened.  It will always be a chapter in my life but does not have to be the last chapter.  I am now able to see a path into the future and have concrete steps to take to begin to move forward."  DC

Contact me around interest in Individual Guidance, Retreats (in person or virtual) and Speaking Engagements