My Core Beliefs 

I guide people who want to:

Claim a fulfilling and balanced life that reflects what is truly important

Look deeply at themselves to discover their path and purpose

Unfold natural potential and break through limiting beliefs

Explore mindfulness practices and put spirituality back into life


Awakening the Light: A Survivors to Thrivers' Going Forward Story is a story of wounding, healing and thriving.  Please go to to learn more!

Going Forward: Survivors to Thrivers, seeks to:

  • Guide survivors to find strength and freedom by claiming a Going-Forward Story that reflects their unique gifts and leads to a wholehearted, meaningful life
  • Bring light and awareness into the darkness, shame and silence of sexual abuse

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"I feel like I stopped growing as a leader because I moved into survival mode fighting the fires that come daily in business.  I wasn't using my best self or operating at my highest level.  Tambry has helped me re-energize, examine blind-spots, dissect my actions and reflect on the leader I want to be.  She facilitated my discovery of what I'm capable of achieving, developed my ability to create strategies to be an impactful leader and supported my overcoming limiting fears.  I have learned so much about myself by revealing and exploring my strengths, gaining leadership insights and understanding challenges to proactively overcome." 

Dennis Bunker

"At 34 years I knew I needed to talk with someone I could trust; someone with whom I could 'lay down' all my thoughts and hopefully obtain guidance for my next steps in pursuit of the question, 'Am I leading a fulfilled life?'  I liked Tambry's approach.  It appeared to me she believed I had the answers to most of the questions I had come to her for; and she would help me unearth those answers.  She was not judgmental neither did she appear to suggest she had answers to what my questions might be.  She projected herself as an augmentation of my thought process.  This was quite essential to me because my experiences in life which shape my thought processes and my definition of accomplishment will be unique to me.  I needed someone to help me organize my thoughts within a culture and from perspectives I am familiar.  Tambry provided that support." 

Kwabena Apau-Kese

"I recently entered a transitional point in my life and was looking for some guidance in the form of spiritual direction.  Tambry was recommended to me on two separate occasions by two people I highly respect.  To use one of Tambry's metaphors, it was a door opening for me, and I stepped through it.  I am so grateful I did.  Tambry offers the kind of guidance I was looking for.  She listens attentively and with an open heart, offers reflections on what she hears, asks insightful questions and has strong intuition.  Her giftedness has lead to some surprises and inner healing.  And I like knowing that she prays for me."

Mary Mitchell

"Tambry's professional advice gave me a better understanding of myself and as we worked together on my Personal Mission Statement, I gained valuable insight into the type of leader I wanted to be.  It not only helped me to see what I wanted out of life but it also gave me a disciplined action plan and time line to accomplish my goals."

Babette Buehner

"Tambry's corporate background, perspective on work/life balance, ability to see the big picture as well as detail, and adeptness at pushing to get clarity and take action makes her immanently qualified for this kind of work.  My increased awareness allowed me to clearly articulate where to invest my energy and how to claim life on my terms.  I now consciously make choices and take deliberate actions to maintain momentum, recognize warning signs and address 'derailers' that could impede progress."

Rob Anderson

"Through her approachability and effective inquiry, Tambry motivated me to think critically about my actions and helped me to reach new levels of leadership.  By probing deeply to identify core needs and strategies, Tambry prompted me to risk new behaviors and examine past approaches which increased my confidence in tough communications, built a more proactive leadership style and enhanced my time management skills."

Susan Gary

Going Forward - Survivors to Thrivers 

"Tambry's talents are second to none and her warm, intelligent personality will really draw you in.  She has the unique ability to tie life and spirituality together and make it meaningful and significant.  She elicits thoughts and feelings from you that you don't even know you have!  I would recommend Tambry to anyone." 

Matt Cicco


I believe we cannot be our best selves until we look at all aspects - mind, body and spirit.

My focus is to facilitate transformational experiences for individuals and groups who are at a crossroads whether it be a significant life event, dissatisfaction with current level of success, or see life is not aligned with who they are at their core.